All Year Long

It's a Wonderful Christmas (2007)
Key = D 

Verse 1 :
D GM7 D F#m
This Christmas season, I wish you joy
G Asus4 A
The wonder in every girl and boy
D GM7 D F#m
I wish you gladness, the warmth and cheer
G Asus4 A
Of good friends and family gathered near

Verse 2 : (Key = F)
F BbM7 F Am
May children’s laughter and falling snow
Bb Csus4 C
Rekindle sweet scenes from long ago
F BbM7 F Am
May every carol, each candle bright
Bb Csus4 Dm C F Bb Gm F Bb C
Remind you why angels sang that night

Verse 3 : (Key = D)
D GM7 D F#m
If trouble finds you, this is my prayer
G D/A Bm F#m7
May peace guard your heart and make you strong
G D/A G/D F#/C# D
And I wish you love, the kind to last all year long

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