Datanglah Roh Kudus (Come Holy Spirit) - Sidney Mohede


Artist: Sidey Mohede 

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"Datanglah Roh Kudus (Come Holy Spirit)"

Datang Roh kudus Kau kurindu
Dengan minyak yang baru urapiku
Mengalir penuhiku
Mengalir pulihkanku
Urapanmu mengubah hidupku

Satu yang kurindu
Bersekutu dengan Mu
Bawa ku lebih lagi
Tinggal didalam Mu
Nikmati hadiratMu
Jamahlah sluruh hidupku
UrapanMu mengubah hidupku

English Version:

Come Holy Spirit, fall on me now,
I need Your a nointing come in Your power,
I love You Holy Spirit,
You're captivating my soul,
And everyday, i grow to love You more.

I'm reaching for Your heart,
You hold my life in Your hands,
Drawing me closer to You,
I feel Your power renew,
Nothing compares to this place,
Ehere i can see You face to face,
I worship You in Spirit and in Truth.

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